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What is Bi$i Boulevard

Bisi Blvd is a revenue planning and booking platform. We are here to help beauty and wellness service providers take the guesswork out of establishing prices for the services they provide. By performing all the calculations for you, the platform will create true pricing based on your service costs and other pertinent information you add. The platform enables users to plan for their own financial success. With automated reports users can see their daily, weekly, quarterly and annual financial goal achievements. Our booking tool ensures users workday is more efficient. With other features such as inventory tracking, client alerts and so much more, welcome to Bi$i Blvd, where profitable companies live.

Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

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Early Access Pricing vaild for a limited time (until Aug 2022)

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What Our People and Clients Say

Our Customers and People Say

We Deliver Quality Products

I was totally empowered and inspired by the information I learned. I learned how to manage my finances and scale up my brand and services. I was able to assess the state of my business and set realistic and attainable goals. The detailed explanation of business reports and financial terms helped me identify areas of weakness and strength within my business. I am more confident when talking about my bottom line.

Erica F.

I used to be scared to look at my company by the numbers, but this has totally changed my life. I feel so empowered by the system and I see financial growth already.

Ashley F.

I’m so excited to know I can really make money doing what I love.  I hate math, but this system did all the math for me, I’m so grateful, and now I can give my clients prices I know will make me money.

Michelle M., Bi$i Test